My Portfolio Page.

Here I have listed the design projects I have been involved in, both with design and project management.

So Potent Volume 5

So Potent Volume 5 - Website designed and maintained by Saturday Sun Web Design

To correspond with their new album release, the producers of So Potent Volume 5 wanted a strong, bold design with an urban/grass roots feel. You can see through the uses of colours, brick textures and bold capital letters that the website is quite striking.

Some of the technical aspects of this website were also quite challenging. For example, the media player that streams the album for free, from the website uses JavaScript code which that had to be plugged into the website. Furthermore the style, colours and textures of player had to be customised to fit in with the overall style and theme of the website itself.

Overall the clients were very happy with the look and style of their website and they thought that it communicated the urban rap motif they were aiming for.

Katharine Fernie Furniture

Katharine Fernie Furniture - Website designed and maintained by Saturday Sun Web Design

Katharine Fernie Furniture were after a simple, minimalistic design that concentrated around the bespoke furniture and furniture restoration services they offer. They had a particular palette in mind and together we worked on deciding the best layout for their website and concluded a predominantly visual layout was needed in order to communicate the variety of quality work they produce. Looking at their ‘work’ and ‘more work’ page you can see that the layout of the gallery is focussed on the specific pieces of work they have produced for their clients. The technical requirements for this website were minimal featuring a light-box JavaScript plugin for the gallery pages and some social media integration.

Overall the client was thrilled with the look and feel of their website and happy with the artistic and minimalist layout.

Mottram Properties

Mottram Properties - Website designed and maintained by Saturday Sun Web Design

Mottram Properties Limited were after an affordable solution to allow their units to be listed on a website. Potential customers could use the website to get detailed information about the offices to let and contact Mottram to arrange a viewing or to ask further questions. As you can see from their ‘offices to let’ page each of their properties is listed along with a title stating whether it is available for letting or not.

The changing of a unit’s status is a manual method, however plans are in the works to create an automated system that the staff at Mottram Properties Limited can use themselves to change the details of the listings.

Overall the client was very happy with the speed at which the website was designed and produced and was delighted with the listings page.

Wedding Dress Studio

Mottram Properties - Website designed and maintained by Saturday Sun web Design

Wedding Dress Studio wanted to have a basic presence on the internet and a basic site to represent the services they offer and wedding dresses they stock. They were after a speedy design and implementation time and had particular ideas about the kind of colours they would like to use for their site (black and gold’s). They wanted to portray a regal and sophisticated image to visitors and you can see that with the title and menu fonts used, as it adds a certain classic style to look and feel of the website.

Overall the client was very happy with the production time for this website and impressed with how quickly the design was put together.

Vapefiend - Template designed by Saturday Sun Media Design were looking for a face-lift for thier current e-Commerce website. Currently the solution they are using is heavily restricted regarding the amount you can modify the look and style of the website. This turned out to be one of the biggest design challenges of this project. Whilst the design conditions were not ideal the client reagarded the template editing service I provided as a vast improvement on the original. This is also a temporary solution as plans are underway to transfer to dedicated and more customizable e-Commerce platform. Watch this space...

More Projects will be added soon...