Design Services.

Here you will discover the design services I currently offer to the public. I'm constantly pushing myself to learn new skill sets, so more media services will be added in the future

Web Design

Your website acts as a first contact platform for a multitude of potential customers. Therefore it is important that your website looks friendly, Professional, and informative. It is my aim to be able to provide you with a top class professional design service and an affordable rate. There is no small print, no hidden costs, I am a small independent operator and will strive to use this for your advantage.

With Saturday Sun Media Design I offer you a professional design service from start to finish. I think that it is important to involve my clients as much as possible in the design process, reflecting their wishes and aspirations in the designs that I produce for them.

At the beginning of the design process I try and gather as much information about the clients wishes as possible. I research such characteristics as favourite colour palettes (or company branding), the way they like information to be presented, other websites they like the look of, competitors websites and finally, the kind of people who are likely to visit this companies website. All of this information is then translated into a flat image design that I send to the client for review.

All the designs I produce are 100% unique and hand coded (unless using CMS or e-Commerce). The design process takes as long as the client has revisions to make. Generally speaking it normally takes about two or three revisions until the client is happy with the flat image design. It is at this stage that any changes or modifications to the concept design can be made.

After the design has been finalised the concept then moves into the second stage, coding & implementation. The majority of projects combine different programming languages such as XHTML, CSS3, PHP, and JavaScript. Depending on the type and size of the project the coding and implementation side comprises the bulk of the work.

Ultimately the website is designed to your needs and I encourage client feedback at all stages of the website production. Normally, the client is given an address that they can use to check up on the progress of the website (under the notice, that the website may not look like the finished product). At any point you can ask questions and offer any pointers you wish. This reflexive design process helps to involve the client in producing the website and assures that major misunderstandings and mistakes are highly unlikely.

The production of any website is a team effort. The responsibility for its success not only lies in the designers and developers producing the website but also the client and their efficiency in providing the information they want presented on their website, and in format that is easily used.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important elements that should be factored into a website. You may have the slickest most amazing website on the internet, but if there is no SEO implementation your website will reside in the dark depths of any search engine. I always take SEO into consideration when producing web designs and all the websites I design are coded in a way that is search engine friendly.

Do you want to spruce up your current blog or setup a completely new and unique blogging service?

If you use WordPress or Joomla for your blogging then we can help. Blogging has become one of the most successful ways in which to communicate with other browsers on the internet, whether it be for a business or hobbyist. Through blogging you can tell other people and potential customers about the latest things going on in your business/life, new projects you are working on, or any special offers that you currently have running. Having a blog also helps tremendously with your SEO and Google search engine rankings as it is considered active content that is regularly updated.

If you are new to blogging, training can also be provided to get you up, running and producing your own articles. Guidence is always on offer from me and I will always do my best to point you in the right direction

What Saturday Sun can do for you is setup your blog for you and offer you a unique and custom design to separate your business or specific interest from the multitude of generic templates and universally accessible designs out there. The Design process works pretty much the same way as any design process I work on. A flat design is sent to you for approval or amendments. Once a design has been settled upon the website is then built. I aim to offer this service to you for an affordable price that helps you save money and get your presence on the internet.

If you already have a website presence on the internet but you are starting to think it looks a little dated and old then it is highly recommended that you breathe fresh life into your website. I consider this one of my favourite projects to work on and for me; there is nothing more satisfying than giving a dated website a facelift with a fresh design and optimised content.

Your business or personal website can be updated to reflect a more modern and streamlined build that is fully SEO compatible. There is a range of different techniques that can be employed to improve your aging website, from graphical updates, layout improvements, coding updates, content re-writes and incorporating new interactivity.

Overall with a website facelift your website will have an improved look and you can make your website begin to work for you, bringing in new business.

I offer direct consultation for businesses looking for fresh logo designs or redesigns of existing business logos. I think that communication is key to producing a logo design that is fresh, innovative and exactly what you are looking for.

I will produce for you creative and unique concepts based on your expectations and will work with you to produce a logo design that best represents your business and one that you will be happy with.

The logos I design are produced using vector graphics and can be scaled to any size, making them compatible across many different mediums. From websites to billboards, you logo will be able to be resized to give you a consistent high quality, no matter the size of the print.

Again I believe the best results are always produced with team work and the designs are not completed until you are happy.

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